Allowing my imagination to inspire my work is my personal goal. Whether I am inspired to paint or write, make pottery or just play, I gratefully give myself permission to allow that essence of joy to speak and guide me in the making or the doing.

 I must admit that it is not always an easy allowance as I sometimes hear the voice of the “shoulds” and the “should-nots” in the beginning.  If I listen to their voices, I know from experience that I am wasting my time and creative energy.

When I choose to lose myself in the mindless laying down of the wonderful colors in painting or the process of any of the forms of art I make, before long I am flowing with a feeling of well being as my imagination takes hold and time stands still.  My paintings seem to tell me stories in the process of painting them and every object takes on a personality of it’s own. I am always surprised and delighted with the outcome.

 I hope that my work inspires others to freely enjoy whatever it is that they are creating in life.



Joan Critz Limbrick’s imaginative style has unfolded over the years as she has continued to be influenced by her study of bio-energetic healing and her curiosity about life.  She is an award winning painter, a potter, a published poet, and an author of children's book ( A Transpersonal Hypno-therapist and Reiki Master, she currently facilitates Reconnective Healing (

A BFA graduate of Mary Washington College, she lives with her family in Fredericksburg, Virginia where she paints and writes in her home studio and creates her clay work in her Libertytown Arts Center studio in historic downtown Fredericksburg ( ). 

All forms of art inspire her as is evident in the variety of work that she produces.  She enjoys an unlimited range of expressive materials in her work and continues to explore new ways of getting her ideas across to the viewer. Her rich travel experience blended with her transpersonal studies are woven throughout her works.